Fishermen in quake-hit areas make hammocks in hope of returning to sea

A fisherman makes a hammock from fishing nets at the Seiryo Temple in Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture. (Mainichi)
KESENNUMA, Miyagi — A group of fishermen in this quake- and tsunami-devastated city have begun selling hand-made hammocks made of fishing nets, profits from which they hope will help them return to sea.

The idea first came when a foreigner visiting the city as a volunteer worker asked a local fisherman to make him a hammock he could use to rest. The hand-knitted hammock turned out to be of very high quality, which led others to suggest spinning the idea into business could raise enough funds for obtaining new boats and fishing supplies.

The fishermen, currently living in an evacuation shelter at Seiryo Temple in the city, lost all their fishing equipment in the March 11 disaster. Almost half a year later, facing a significant lack of finances and other resources, they are still struggling to get back to sea.

“My body and soul start to relax the moment I lay my hands on a fishing net,” one of the fishermen says. “I will return to sea no matter what.”

The hammocks are priced at 10,000 yen, including shipping. For orders contact or call 090-2276-3066. (Japanese only)

(Mainichi Japan) September 8, 2011

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